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About Chuck Norris System®

History of the Chuck Norris System®

Chuck Norris System® is a Korean-based American hard style martial art. The style was founded by Mr. Chuck Norris, and was originally based on Mr. Norris’ Tang Soo Do training in Korea while he was in the military. During his unprecedented fighting career (undefeated world middleweight karate champion six years running), Mr. Norris began to evolve the style to make it more effective and well-rounded. He did this through committed study of other systems which he felt would complement his Tang Soo Do foundation. This evolution, along with his personal commitment to excellence, resulted in his phenomenal success. This openness continues today, as Chuck Norris System® continues to evolve to include aspects of other systems, or completely original aspects which make it more complete. Having gone by several names since the early 70’s, the style has been known as Chuck Norris System® since 1990. The name is loosely translated to mean “The Universal Way.” The Korean terms actually mean ‘the way of 1000 lands,’ or ‘the way of many lands.’ CNS is not an ad hoc collection of various techniques from different systems. Rather, it is a style with a deeply-rooted traditional foundation of its own – now unique and different from its Tang Soo Do predecessor – to which various other elements that complement its fundamentals have been added. Chuck Norris System® has come to emphasize self defense, competition, weapons, grappling, fitness, and more.